Our. Fragrance について

私達は、自然の力の結晶―精油―のみを使用した香水をご提供しています。「日々忙しく過ごす人々に自然の癒しを届けたい」そんな想いから、Our. Fragranceは誕生しました。精油由来の自然な香りは心身を解放し、マインドフルな時間を提供します。

We offer perfumes that use only essential oils – the crystallization of the power of nature. Our Fragrance was born from the desire to “bring the healing power of nature to people who are busy with their daily lives. The natural fragrance derived from essential oils liberates the body and mind, providing a mindful time.


有機化学に精通した現役の化学者が一つ一つ手作りで作成しています。 香り作りに使用する精油は多数の精油メーカーの香りを実際に試香し、私たちがこだわりを持って選び抜いたものです。長い歴史の中で磨かれた精油の力を「今ここ」に。

Each fragrance is handmade by an active chemist who is well versed in organic chemistry.
The essential oils used to create the fragrances are selected with great care by us after actually testing fragrances from numerous essential oil manufacturers.


いつもそばにある存在であるためにOur. Fragranceは無駄のない不変的なデザインを目指しています。自然とアートの融合は私たちNATS. のポリシーでもあります。

We aim for a lean and constant design so that it will always be with you. The fusion of nature and art is also our policy at NATS.




Fragrance is a very personal preference. When choosing a perfume, it is more important that it be a “love scent” than a “good scent”. Our.Fragrance offers a custom-made fragrance service that thoroughly supports each individual’s detailed preferences. By creating scents that you “love,” we provide you with the best possible healing experience.